How to Buy POWER Nodes

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This is a how to guide for buying POWER nodes on the Fantom network.

POWER is a DaaS (DeFi as a service) project that invests in other DeFi projects and returns profits to its node holders. There are four tiers of POWER nodes, each with its own costs and reward rates.

Here’s a description of POWER in their own words:

POWER is a multi-blockchain Yield Processing Node platform built on Fantom network, it was
created with the goal of providing its users with high, steady, passive, and consistent yields.

Source: POWER whitepaper

Here’s how POWER generates profits for its holders:

Quick rundown on setting up POWER nodes

  • Get some $FTM in your MetaMask wallet
  • Swap $FTM for $POWER tokens
  • Use $POWER to buy a node

What you’ll need to follow this guide

  • MetaMask wallet
  • $POWER token
  • SpookySwap DEX

Steps to swap $FTM for $POWER

You can follow the same steps to setup any tier of POWER node, but you will need to adjust for the right amount of $FTM and $POWER tokens to cover the cost of the node you want.

1. Create and setup a MetaMask wallet (available as a web browser extension and mobile app).

2. Add the FTM network (Fantom Opera) to your MetaMask wallet.

You can do this easily by clicking the link on SpookySwap DEX to connect your wallet to the network.

add fantom to wallet
Connect your wallet to Fantom via SpookySwap

Optional – Add Fantom network to your MetaMask using the official Fantom guide here.

3. Buy some $FTM from Binance or your preferred exchange (see other exchange options here).

4. Send your purchased $FTM to the your MetaMask wallet.

5. Add the $FTM the contract to your wallet so the tokens appear in your wallet.

You can easily do this by clicking the MetaMask fox icon on CoinGecko here.

add ftm to wallet
Adding FTM to your wallet.

Optional – You can manually add the $FTM contract to your wallet using this address: 0x4e15361fd6b4bb609fa63c81a2be19d873717870

6. Add the $POWER contract to your wallet so the tokens appear in your wallet.

Use this CoinGecko link and follow the same instructions as adding FTM to your wallet.

Optional – You can manually add the $POWER contract to your wallet using this address: 0x131c7afb4e5f5c94a27611f7210dfec2215e85ae

If $FTM and $POWER tokens don’t show in your MetaMask wallet, make sure you have the Fantom network selected.

7. Swap $FTM for $POWER through the SpookySwap exchange here.

Select FTM as the token to swap “from” and POWER as the token to swap “to”.

Enter the amount of $FTM you want to swap for $POWER.

You will need to connect your wallet to SpookySwap and make an approval transaction to allow SpookySwap to use the $FTM in your wallet. This will cost you a tiny amount of gas paid in $FTM.

Don’t swap all the FTM in your wallet. Save at least 2 to 3 FTM o cover gas fees.

You should now see a balance of $POWER tokens in your wallet.

8. Connect to the official POWER dApp here to purchase your node.

POWER node info (costs, reward rates, fees)

power node rewards and fees
POWER node tier costs and reward rates

Current token prices

Here’s the latest market prices of $POWER and $FTM (refresh this page to update the price).

Additional POWER node resources


Have any questions about POWER nodes? Drop them in the comments below.

How much do POWER nodes earn?

There are four tiers of power nodes that each earn at different rates. You can earn anywhere between 0.003 up to 0.7 $POWER tokens per day currently.

The cheapest node costs 1 $POWER token and earns 0.003 $POWER per day while the most expensive POWER node (the Super Human node) costs 50 $POWER tokens per node and earns 0.7 $POWER per day.

How are $POWER tokens used when you buy a node?

When you buy a POWER node, the tokens are distributed as follows:

– 20% future use
– 10% to POWER-FTM Pool for rewards
– 70% into generator rewards pool

This distribution may change over time.

What is the monthly maintenance fee for POWER nodes?

Currently, there is no monthly maintenance fee for owning a POWER node. There is no plan to implement a fee any time soon.

However, there is a flat claim tax of 10% across all node tiers.

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